APA Division 48 starts new blog!

It is time folks to start the conversation on how to build peace. Enough with the all the rhetoric about if peacebuilding is worth the effort. Enough with the incredulous remarks about whether peace is attainable or not. This blog is for folks who want to move past the why and start to talk about the how. If peace is something you want, if peace is something that is worth it to you and your family, then we say blog about it!

I would like to start the conversation with the topic of what is going on in Chicago, Illinois with all the community violence. It is so bad in Chicago that there is talk about getting the national guard involved to keep the peace. Ironically enough, Chicago is the same city that has had divided opinions about the right for private citizens to bear arms. In city with crime, some homeowners want weapons so they can protect their homes. But Chicago is also a city of violent crime, so some lawmakers in Chicago want to decrease the amount of weapons in the city and want to ban the right to bear arms because they viewed weapons as a means for suicide, homicide and other violent acts.

This issue reminds of the story of the fisherman who was saving folks from drowning in a river where he was fishing, before he realized he should go upstream and figure why people were falling in the river in the first place. People are worried about crime affecting them and therefore are associated their need for safety with the ability to carry weapons. Policy makers should informed people that the real concern should be about the root causes of the disproportionate amount of crime in city of Chicago, like poverty, high rates of unemployment and a crumbling educational system.


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